Streaming tools

DLive Sticker database, a collection of stickers. source

Pipi Pupu Chat, an upcoming stream chat tool with widgets and TTS

TTS Service – a command line tool and node.js http server for SAPI 5 generated speech. Demo voice list

Voice – a node.js TTS server implementing Azure TTS, Amazon Polly, Google TTS, Vampi TTS (above) and Coqui TTS

dpipipupu – a chrome browser extension for DLive, allows donations with arbitrary amounts



Shiny Pepe, reacts to microphone input

Wave Function Collapse, creates randomized 2D RPG-like landscapes

Retro computing

vgmrips – currently hosting, I’ve developed the frontend, the database and the importer

FMToy: MIDI 4-op FM emulation – collection of .ay files, with in-browser emulator (compiled with esmcripten), playing the music (unfinished)


V68: Human68k CUI emulator with sound. (unfinished)

x68kd11s: Sharp X68000 Disassemblies

dis: Cross-platform Sharp X68000 disassembler

fathuman: a tool for extracting and listing X68000 floppy disk image files. – database and collection of .mdx and .pdx files, with in-browser player (compiled with emscripten) playing the music (unfinished)

mdxtools: Tools to handle Sharp X68000 MXDRV .MDX files (unfinished)

MIDI and synthesis

tg100: reverse engineering the Yamaha TG100 half-rack synth module. Forum thread

Yamaha TG100

FMToy: MIDI 4-op FM emulation

MOTU midi express 128 linux driver: reverse engineered the USB protocol and wrote a linux driver.

Vampi Synth: A subtractive synthesizer, works with Jack and ALSA

Vampi Synth Example


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